Our analysis includes the first-generation biofuel, next-generation biofuel and biochemical, waste-to-energy and biomass markets. We link the power, oil, chemical, forestry, agricultural and waste industries – segments that have traditionally had little relation. We provide comprehensive analysis on project, company and market risks and returns, while examining technology economics and publishing regular market outlooks using our proprietary project and investment database. With local analysts in all the important geographies, our team tracks and evaluates policy developments enabling clients to easily understand the impact of regulatory change on the sector and their business. 


Policy Sector Economics Supply Chain
Tariffs & support mechanisms
Country, region & state studies
Impact of regulatory changes
Analysis of forthcoming regulation
Levelised cost of electricity (LCOE)
Margin analysis
Fuel price dynamics
Transportation costs

Production capacity
Market share trends
Key player strategies
Soft commodities
Feedstock supply & availability

Energy Markets Finance Technology
Demand forecasts
Power prices
Fuel prices
Impact on electricity markets
Grid bottlenecks
Feedstock commodity markets
Capital sources & availability
Financing models
Risk management
Asset prices & acquisitions
Incineration, gasification,
co-firing, biomethane,
anaerobic digestion, landfill gas,
first-generation & next-generation biofuel &
biochemical technologies