Carbon capture and storage holds considerable promise for reducing CO2 emissions from the power and industrial sectors and increasing energy security. The first fully integrated large-scale demonstration projects will begin operations in the next few years and will reveal the winners and losers of the technology game. Led by a global team of sector specialists, we supports clients in mastering market fundamentals, making informed decisions and creating value in this rapidly growing industry.


Policy Sector Economics Supply Chain
Incentives and support
CO2 storage regulation
Country, region and state studies
Impact of regulatory changes
Upcoming regulation pipeline

First- and next-of-a-kind economics models
Short term forecast (Race-to-First)
Long term forecast

Value chain analysis
Global projects database
Component supply dynamics
Key player strategies
Market share trends

Energy Markets Finance Technology
Power prices
Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) potential
Impact of CCS on electricity markets

Capital sources and availability
Financing analysis
Risk management

Innovative CO2 capture
Gasification and combustion
CO2 storage and reuse