With carbon legislation being considered at all levels of government across North America many companies find themselves facing either a new set of challenges or being presented with real opportunities.

We provide the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of factors affecting the development of US and Canadian emissions markets and the future of carbon prices across the region.

How we work together
  • Access expertise means our analysts are available to answer questions and give their informed opinions and further detail on topics important to our clients.
  • Our experts – together with our market data, news and analytical tools – give clients an unparalleled view across the sector.
  • We select the news you need to read; we assemble the datasets that drive your decisions; we build the models for you to forecast your next move. You get to focus on your business.
  • Our research notes, analyst reactions and market outlooks enable investors to identify and validate opportunities for growth.

What will be the price of Californian or other North American allowances in the short, medium and long term? What kind of sensitivities can one expect and why?
How will these prices be affected by policy and economic changes?
Will there be sufficient offset supply to meet demand in the market?
What effect will specific federal regulation have on overall emissions development?
What will the international negotiations mean for the carbon markets across North America?
How will the inclusion of forestry in the global carbon market affect North American carbon prices?
What companies are active in the North American carbon market and what are their strategies?

How clients use our services
  • Our North American analysis enables clients to keep up-to-date with the national and regional policy developments from 63 states and provinces.
  • Our analysis of the companies active in the North American and voluntary carbon spaces – and their strategies – enable market participants monitor their competition, refine their own plans and identify investment opportunities.

Proprietary Data and Models

  • The core analytical tool for analysing the North American market is our North American Carbon Model which gives users detailed projections of demand and supply for programme-specific allowances and/or offsets with fundamentally based annual price forecasts to 2020.
  • By being part of our larger Global Energy and Emissions Model, we give clients a unique and integrated view of future global carbon prices.
  • Clients also have access to a wide range of datasets including: historical data on emissions, projections of ‘business as usual’ emissions and shortfalls/surpluses by sector, country, state/province and year together with supply curves for domestic and international offset projects.