Digital energy is the convergence of the energy, telecoms and information technology industries. Today this industry is reaching scale, with hundreds of projects underway worldwide and billions of dollars being invested by utilities. Intelligent systems that monitor and control transmission and distribution grids are improving reliability, security and efficiency of supply. Led by our global team of sector specialists, we deliver independent, in-depth analysis of the drivers of growth in smart grid technologies, as well as global regulatory developments, investment trends, business models and the competitive landscape. We help clients understand, analyse and respond to the rapid evolution that is taking place in the smart energy industry.  


Policy Sector Economics Supply Chain
Country, region & state studies
Legislative approaches to digital energy
Regulatory issues and solutions
Market sizes
Value chain analyses
Industry structure
Market share trends
Competitive landscape
Key player strategies and alliances
Country-specific vendor dynamics

Energy Markets Finance Technology
Emerging digital energy business models
Approaches to distributed and demand-side resources
Impact on electricity markets

Investment trends and themes
Acquisitions and strategies of major players

Market forecasts of key subsectors
Technology / application analyses
Case studies and lessons from deployment