Wherever energy is used there are opportunities to reduce consumption and generate savings through efficiency. This is not a niche within clean energy – since 2007 more than $6.5bn of venture capital and private equity capital has been invested in efficiency. Moreover, with the economic downturn shifting the emphasis away from renewables and towards austerity, energy efficiency stocks have continued to thrive, reflecting the robustness of the efficiency value proposition. Providing the analysis and data needed to navigate the global drive towards an efficient economy lies at the heart of our coverage of these sectors. We help our clients to balance the complex interplay of pressures as they build their business across the energy efficiency sectors through our range of insight and data services.  


Policy Sector Economics Supply Chain
Country, region and state policies
National energy efficiency targets
Impact of regulatory changes

Market sizes
Efficiency business models
Industry structure and consolidation
Technology costs

Production capacity and sales
Market share trends
Key player strategies

Energy Markets Finance Technology
Market forecasts
Utility energy efficiency strategies
Business models for financing and implementing efficiency

Investment trends
Capital sources and availability
Efficiency financing models

LED lighting
Building energy management systems
Efficient HVAC technologies
Waste-heat-to-electricity generation
Data centre efficiency