Energy storage is one of the biggest market opportunities in clean energy, required for electric vehicles, integration of renewables and other grid applications. It is also one of the fastest-moving areas of innovation, with multiple technologies competing to outshine the others. Understanding the landscape of these vital technologies and regulation is crucial for utilities, project developers and clean energy financiers. Bloomberg New Energy Finance helps its clients to balance the complex interplay of pressures as they build their business across the energy.  


Policy & Regulation Sector Economics Supply Chain
Country and region studies
Impact of subsidies and regulatory changes

Market size forecast
Project valuation and cost-benefit analysis
Storage system cost forecasts

Production capacity and contracts
Market share trends
Key player strategies and partnerships

Energy Markets Finance Technology
Market forecasts
Integration of storage in power markets
Business models and financing for storage projects

Investment trends
Investment trends and themes
Acquisitions and strategies of major players

Analysis of all key technology areas
Case studies from existing projects