Natural gas is the fastest growing fossil fuel, with production projected to rise by almost 2% a year through 2035, according to the International Energy Agency. This rapid growth will see natural gas maintain its share of global energy consumption at around 25% while coal and oil are in relative decline. The market is transforming from one of regional, oil-linked contracted gas to a larger share of spot-priced, globally mobile gas. Our Gas Insight Service looks at the dramatic changes hitting this industry, covering the supply and demand fundamentals, the local, regional and global policy implications, and the impact of gas on the shift to lower-carbon fuel sources.


Market Analysis Demand Fundamentals

Detailed breakdown of developments in all major natural gas markets
Quarterly review covering fundamentals, industry development and price

Detailed industrial facility data and tracking for gas intensive industry
Power sector dispatch modelling to ascertain demand as renewables and gas displace coal
Supply Developments Pricing
LNG and pipeline constraints and project tracking
Detailed analysis of the implications of policy decisions
Short-, medium- and long-term price outlooks
Analysis of market moving events & decisions by key players.