The geothermal sector has extraordinary potential for growth, with online capacity and pipeline representing only a small fraction of the estimated global conventional resource base. This potential climbs even further if we take into account technological advances and unconventional production methods such as enhanced geothermal systems.


Policy Sector Economics Supply Chain
Tariffs & support mechanisms
Country, region & state studies
Impact of regulatory changes
Upcoming regulation pipeline
Market sizing
PPA structures and pricing
Drilling rig day rates
Levelised cost of electricity (LCOE)
Project returns
Industry structure & consolidation

Production capacity
Drilling rig counts
Market share trends
Equipment and service bottlenecks
Key player strategies
Supply forecasts

Energy Markets Finance Technology
Demand forecasts
Power prices
Impact on electricity markets
Grid proximity/connectivity
Capital sources & availability
Project financing models
Risk management
Sector league tables
Asset prices & acquisitions
Advanced exploration
Cost-reducing drilling technologies
Unconventional production
Next-generation turbines