Nuclear power has to overcome many challenges, including multi-billion dollar investments, spent fuel disposal issues and security and proliferation concerns. We help our clients to balance the complex interplay of pressures as they build their business across this sector through our range of insight, data and news services.


How real are the projections for future nuclear growth and how will they impact my investments in renewable technologies?
What are the biggest obstacles to nuclear energy development and how do they differ from country to country?
How will nuclear power plants be financed in certain markets?
What are the costs on new nuclear build and how do they differ from country to country and why?
What are the key bottlenecks in the nuclear supply chain and how can I best invest?
Is there a looming uranium shortage? If so where can I invest?
There is no permanent solution for spent fuel and the long-term disposal of radioactive waste. Is this an obstacle to future market development and if so, where can I invest?
What new nuclear technologies are being developed and how will this change the market and subsequent investment opportunities in the sector?