A growing number of countries and states are implementing renewable portfolio standards as a way to incentivise the use of renewable energy sources to reduce emissions and strengthen energy security. These policy mechanisms require utilities to procure some portion of energy they supply to their customers from renewable sources, creating a market for renewable energy certificates. The challenge is that no two renewable portfolio standards are alike – even within the same country or region – resulting in a tangled web of regulatory confusion. We help our clients to cut through this uncertainty as they build their business across this sector through our range of insight and data services


Policy Sector Economics
Impact of regulatory changes
Upcoming regulation pipeline
Database of country-specific policies
Capacity by country through 2030
New build by country through 2030
Levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) trends
Price Forecasts Market Analysis
Short-term pricing trends
Long term fundamental price forecasts through 2030
Monthly analysis of recent price changes)

In-depth coverage of each REC market
Thorough understanding of renewable technologies and pipeline of projects
Grid bottlenecks and other market barriers