Solar is one of renewable energy’s fastest-growing sectors, with photovoltaic installations in 2013 expected to be 20% above 2012 levels. After several years of painfully low pricing for manufacturers, prices across the value chain are stabilising.


Policy Sector Economics Supply Chain
Tariffs & support mechanisms
Country, region & state studies
Impact of regulatory changes
Upcoming regulation pipeline
Levelised cost of electricity (LCOE)
Margins by value chain stage
Project returns
Industry structure & consolidation
Pricing of polysilicon wafers, cells, modules, inverters
Production capacity
Market share trends
Component bottlenecks
Key player strategy
Energy Markets Finance Technology
Demand forecasts
Power prices
Impact on electricity markets
Grid bottlenecks
Capital sources & availability
Project financing models
Asset prices and acquisitions
Crystalline silicon value chairn
Thin film
Concentrated photovoltaics
Solar Thermal electricity
Generation technologies