Although we are seeing a sustained recovery, growth will not be spread equally across regions and participants face growing competition and cost pressures. We help clients build business across the onshore and offshore wind energy, as we cover the entire supply chain (turbine manufacturers, components, subassemblies and service providers) as well as the asset development business (developers, generators, utilities, engineering firms) and the rapidly growing specialist financial community investing in the sector.


Policy Sector Economics Supply Chain
Tariffs & support mechanisms
Country, region & state studies
Impact of regulatory changes
Upcoming regulation pipeline
Market sizing
Levelised cost of electricity (LCOE)
Margins by value chain stage
Project returns
Industry structure & consolidation

Production capacity
Turbine prices
Market share trends Component bottlenecks
O&M structures & pricing
Key player strategy

Energy Markets Finance Technology
Demand forecasts
Power prices
Impact on electricity markets
Grid bottlenecks
Power-purchase agreement data & analysis
Capital sources & availability
Financing models
Risk management
Asset prices & acquisitions
Innovative technologies
Large turbines
Offshore turbines
Turbine reliability & performance