The Industry Intelligence portal provides direct access to the world’s most comprehensive database of clean energy technology and equipment companies, projects, investors, investments and service providers. It combines information on transactions, people, projects and companies with powerful report-generating and analysis tools to inform your financial, strategic and operating decisions.

Clients use our services to track market deals, research company fundamentals, create charts and reports, and build investment, project and company datasets. Our Industry Intelligence service is an easy way to follow up by screening for potential acquisitions, investments, and investment partners as well as prospective managers, customers and strategic alliances.

Investment Database We have the largest database of clean energy investment activity. Our data goes back as far as 2000 and the database grows with each day as our research team maintains records and adds current activity. The database contains detailed information on funds investing in clean energy projects and technologies, grant programmes and grants, venture, private equity and corporate finance transactions, and project financing.
Investor Directory The Industry Intelligence database includes a directory of organisations and executives active in the clean energy, including: venture-funded companies, private & family-controlled companies, along with their key subsidiaries, quoted companies with exposure to the sector and key subsidiaries, venture capital, private equity and corporate venture investors, specialist asset managers and public sector organisations
Premium Analytics Subscribers have access to a suite of analytics features including the following:

  • Customisable charts of investment activity
  • Real-time league tables of investors and service providers
  • Ability to download data into Excel
  • Downloadable organisation profiles
Analyst Access We can run a tailored search query for deeper data-mining support or creation of charts.