Our Insight Service is our premium research product for decision-makers. Insight clients receive a regular flow of research on the key drivers of market growth: policy, energy markets, sector economics, supply chain, technology and finance.

Insight clients have access to the expertise of the largest and best-connected team of analysts in the clean energy sector.
Clients choose a single sector service, one of our standard packages, or assemble their own in consultation with our sales team. Each sector service consists of a bundle of elements designed to meet the needs of all members of their team, from the analyst to the boardroom.

Research Notes Our Research Notes answer the critical questions that will shape the market and impact your business: how will prices change over the next 10 years? How will a new policy affect demand? What are the strategies of the major industry players? Which technology will next reach grid parity? Over time we have built the industry’s most powerful library of quality research, ready for subscribers to draw on when faced with critical, urgent questions.
Analyst Reactions In a world of unlimited news, our Analyst Reactions represent the definitive analysis of each significant development – whether a policy change, a major deal, a technological breakthrough or a geopolitical event. You need to understand the implications for your business – backed up by facts and figures – and that’s what we provide.
Quarterly Outlooks Each quarter our sector specialists produce a Market Outlook, providing comprehensive insight for investors and stakeholders in each sector. This typically includes supply, demand, cost and price forecasts; margin analysis across the industry value chain; investment trends and opportunities; and policy and technology developments.
Deep Dives Analysis of each of the carbon and commodity markets covered by Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Insight Services is structured around a regular Deep Dive – monthly for the more liquid markets and quarterly for the less liquid markets. The Deep Dive presents an updated forecast of prices through to 2020 or 2030, and then explains why the price outlook has changed since the previous time frame.
Focus Reports Insight Services may include one or more annual Focus Report which provides an in-depth analysis of a particular issue or market. Focus Reports represent a definitive state-of-play in a sector or market.
Conference Calls Sector analysts run quarterly conference calls for Insight clients to communicate and discuss recent research highlights and address new developments.
Insight Data As they cover the key sectors of clean energy and the carbon markets, our analysts rely on proprietary data sets assembled by our research team around the world. The Insight Service not only includes the resulting completed analysis, but you also get access to the underlying data sets so that you can check them, question them and use them yourself. Examples include solar silicon and wind turbine production plants, Federal Energy Regulation Commission data, figures for carbon emissions and industrial activity.
Policy Database Our Policy Database enables clients to track government clean energy measures and programmes worldwide. Closely linked with our analytical output via our Insight Service, subscribers can search policy records by geography, sector, date and type. They can then compare and evaluate policies affecting the development of clean energy and carbon markets.