“Big Green Bucket” for climate-related lending
2020 California transport outlook: the decarbonisation drive
Sustainable Energy in America 2014 Factbook
Q3 2013 Energy Efficiency Trends Report
How to attract new sources of capital to EU renewables
Bloomberg Carbon Risk Valuation Tool
Rwanda 100% clean energy access plan
World offsetting markets: can the patient be cured?
Tunnel vision: Thames Water and the London Tideway Tunnel
Climatescope 2013 – Assessing the climate for climate investing in Latin America and the Caribbean
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World Energy Perspective: Cost of Energy Technologies
Energy Efficiency Trends Annual Report 2012/13
Development banks – breaking the $100bn-a-year barrier
The future of China’s power sector
2013 Smart Energy Leadership Forum
Profiling the risks in solar and wind
State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2013
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