We deliver independent and comprehensive coverage on the future of the energy system – offering an in-depth view across the entire spectrum of the sectors, technologies, geographies, business models and asset classes.

Fundamental economics underpin everything we do – incorporating in-depth knowledge of equipment, installation, operations, maintenance and financing costs.

We provide technology- and region-specific economic analyses to help clients understand the true costs of competing technologies. Our levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) studies are the leading global benchmarks of energy costs, and our analyst teams apply fundamental economic analyses in every area of coverage – from understanding the business case for grid-scale storage or distributed generation to the impact of evolving regulation on carbon prices.

Analytical tools and reports that allow finance professionals to delve into rich data sets on asset finance, M&A, venture capital, private equity and public markets transactions.

Quickly understand sectoral and geographical investment trends, valuations and comparables, and their place in the broader context of the energy industry. Important transactions are covered in news feeds, and covered in depth to provide a deep understanding of strategic rationale, valuation and market implications. Innovative financing mechanisms for both generation and demand-side measures are covered in sectoral research.

Track companies across the whole supply chain of renewable energy, energy smart technologies, advanced transport and natural gas markets.

We provide transparency on the companies, strategies and competitive dynamics in each segment of the value chain. Strategists and finance professionals use our research and tools to review segment margins and growth, and quickly identify opportunities for consolidation, partnerships or vertical integration. Policy-makers can build a better understanding of competitive dynamics, industry profitability and growth and key challenges in each segment.

Up-to-date information and detailed forecasts on costs, prices, performance and key product differentiators, as well as supply and demand.

For strategists and investors requiring an in-depth understanding of technological developments and differentiators in the market, our technology coverage helps users make smart business decisions. From solar PV and wind turbines to smart meters, batteries and advanced vehicles, emerging technologies and new business models are evaluated for future potential and existing ones are benchmarked to assess competitiveness and directions for further research and development.

Scenario-based forecasts that explore the future of the energy sector to 2030, across region and sector.

Harnessing the combined output of more than 60 resource, technology and energy market experts across five continents we provide forecasts for power generation from renewable energy, coal, natural gas, nuclear power to 2030. Our scenarios also consider liquid transport fuels and broader global energy use.

A comprehensive understanding of the prices, technologies and policies to provide coverage of power markets around the world.

Renewable energy, energy smart technologies, advanced transportation and carbon and REC markets do not exist in isolation. From power and gas price impacts to grid interconnection, reliability and renewable integration issues, we provide a joined-up view of the biggest trends in the energy sector, while ensuring that our clients get a broader view of each sector and region in the context of the wider energy system.

Track policy developments and compare developments country by country with our industry-leading policy analysis and comprehensive database.

Timely news feeds, analysis and commentary on policy and regulatory developments give clients tools to stay on top of the changing landscape and quickly understand the implications of new policy and regulatory movements. Our suite of policy research tools and analytical reports provide a deeper insight into how policies and regulations will shape outcomes in the industry, while allowing them to compare approaches and outcomes in different jurisdictions.