Benchmarks for Clean Energy Participants

Bloomberg New Energy Finance publishes and licenses various equity-sector and region-specific clean energy indexes. These tools enable clients to benchmark the performance of their business or portfolio and to track investment trends across the market.

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NYSE Bloomberg Clean Energy Indexes

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Bloomberg New Energy Finance co-publish and license a family of clean energy indexes that track the world’s most active, quoted companies in clean energy – in unprecedented detail. Currently available are six equity indexes: three clean energy sectors specific indexes and three regional clean energy indexes.

These indexes allow investors and ETF providers to see, in great detail, the differing growth prospects for clean energy companies in different regions. Companies are weighted using a modified market capitalisation-based system.

NYSE Bloomberg Global Clean Energy Sector Indexes

The sector specific indexes include companies active in the wind, solar and energy smart technologies (EST) sectors which cover companies active in energy efficiency, smart grid energy storage.

Each individual index includes between 70 and 200 companies with a moderate or greater exposure to respective renewable or energy smart technology sectors. The indexes are weighted according to the individual company’s exposure rating as determined by Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s proprietary clean energy exposure ratings system.

NYSE® Bloomberg® Global Solar Energy Index (Bloomberg Ticker: SOLAR)

Tracks companies active across the solar energy value chain.

NYSE® Bloomberg® Global Wind Energy Index (Bloomberg Ticker: WIND)

Tracks companies active across the wind energy value chain.

NYSE® Bloomberg® Global Energy Smart Technologies Index (Bloomberg Ticker: EST)

Tracks companies active across the advanced transportation, digital energy, energy efficiency and energy storage sectors.

NYSE Bloomberg Regional Clean Energy Indexes

The three regional indexes include companies active across the clean energy and energy smart technologies value chain in the Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa; and the Asia Pacific region. Collectively these indexes include over 600 companies in the global clean energy value chain with a moderate, or greater, exposure to renewable energy and energy smart technologies.

Each individual index includes between 120 and 325 companies that are active across the clean energy value chain, as determined by Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s proprietary clean energy exposure ratings system.

NYSE® Bloomberg® Americas Clean Energy Index (Bloomberg Ticker: CLEANAME)

Tracks companies domiciled in North and South America

NYSE® Bloomberg® Europe, Middle East & Africa Clean Energy Index (Bloomberg Ticker: CLEANEME)

Tracks companies domiciled in Europe, Middle East & Africa

NYSE® Bloomberg® Asia Pacific Clean Energy Index (Bloomberg Ticker: CLEANAPA)

Tracks companies domiciled in domiciled in the Asia Pacific region

About the NYSE Bloomberg Indexes

NYSE has been involved in developing and calculating clean energy equity index products for the better part of a decade. This new family of indexes is based on Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s unique database of organisations involved in clean energy and related its adjacent sectors.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s database incorporates:

  • The clean energy exposure of each company listed
  • Expert analysis of sector definitions and boundaries
  • Continual data maintenance
  • Global approach to tracking all equities on all exchanges

For more information on methodology and company criteria download the official rule book here.

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In the coming months NYSE and Bloomberg New Energy Finance will be adding an index tracking shares of companies involved in electric vehicle development.

NEX Index

Bloomberg New Energy Finance and US-based clean energy index provider, Wilderhill, publish and license the WilderHill New Energy Global Innovation Index (ticker symbol NEX) – the first generally available quoted index of global clean energy companies. While the NYSE BNEF family of Indexes focuses in on regions and sectors, the NEX comprises companies worldwide whose technologies and services focus on generation and use of cleaner energy, conservation and efficiency, and advancing renewable energy generally. Included are companies whose lower-carbon approaches are relevant to climate change, and whose technologies help reduce emissions relative to traditional fossil fuel use.

The NEX does not try to beat the market. It does not try to pick undervalued stocks, nor to take defensive positions when markets decline or experience unusually strong volatility. Stocks and sectors are assessed quantitatively on technological, environmental, and relevance-to-the-sector criteria, as well as on liquidity and governance. Performance is judged only by how well the Index tracks movements of global clean energy – down and upwards.

An independently managed Exchange-Traded Fund, the Powershares Global Clean Energy Fund (ticker symbol PBD) tracks the NEX index.

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