May 13 2019

Innolith Battery Strikes at ‘Flammable’ Lithium-Ion: Q&A

Energy-dense Innolith batteries could make EVs cheaper than ICE vehicles.

May 7 2019

Water Becomes the New Land for Solar Plants in India: Q&A

Utilities and companies in India are planning hundreds of megawatts of solar projects floating on water bodies as it becomes increasingly difficult to secure large parcels of land.

April 23 2019

EBRD Eyes Ways to Make Green Project Finance Multiply: Q&A

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is on track to reach 40% green financing share in overall operations by 2020, with nearly two-thirds of that going to prevent energy wastage.

April 15 2019

Goldman Rocks Japan Solar With New-Style Securities: Q&A

The rapid expansion of clean energy in Japan in the wake of the Fukushima earthquake and nuclear disaster almost eight years ago helped usher in a new way to finance infrastructure projects, according to Toru Inoue, a vice president with Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s infrastructure and structured finance group.

March 11 2019

Orsted Sees U.K. Offshore Wind Hitting 30GW by 2030: Q&A

There will be a “doubling of the pace” of offshore wind deployments in the U.K. over the next decade to reach an industry target of 30 gigawatts by 2030, according to Matthew Wright, managing director at Orsted A/S.

March 6 2019

EV Use Can ‘Cut Unit Cost of Electricity for Everyone’: Q&A

Adoption of electric vehicles can make fuller use of the existing infrastructure across the U.S. and therefore “reduce the unit cost of electricity for everyone”, according to Patricia Poppe, president and chief executive at CMS Energy Corp.

February 27 2019

Big Oil, Utilities Seen Covering Risks for Wind, Solar: Q&A

The coming era of unsubsidized wind and solar projects is likely to see companies with large balance sheets such as oil and gas majors and utilities stepping in to cover the electricity price risk and so helping make those plants financeable.

February 11 2019

For Oracle Utilities Chief, There’s Data Everywhere: Q&A

Oracle Utilities released the latest version of its Opower customer engagement platform for utilities, adding features intended to give customers more power over their energy use and utilities more information about the systems they operate.

February 5 2019

Bootstrap Lab Sees Massive Opening in AI for Energy: Q&A

Bootstrap Labs, a California-based venture-capital investor focused on finding startups that apply artificial intelligence to industrial problems, is turning its attention to the energy sector.

January 29 2019

Tough Road Ahead for Utilities Working to Improve Grid: Q&A

Power providers and regulators in the U.S. are facing major challenges as the electrical grid evolves, the leader of the Smart Electric Power Alliance said.


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