January 7 2019

Bullard: 10 Charts That Tell Us Where We’re Headed

Climate change, electric vehicles, energy efficiency: What do the 2018 numbers tell us about 2019 and beyond?

December 7 2018

Liebreich: Two Business Cycles to Prepare for A Low-Carbon World

BNEF Senior Contributor Michael Liebreich takes the temperature of climate politics and examines the underlying reasons to be cheerful about the low-carbon transition.

October 29 2018

McCrone: Electric Cars and the Response of Tax-Strapped Governments

By Angus McCrone Chief Editor BloombergNEF Honeymoons are a time of passion. Afterward, the mood may cool just a little as the realities of washing dishes and paying mortgages sink in. Electric vehicles are currently in a honeymoon phase. You can see that in investors’ eyes: according to BNEF’s figures, Chinese EV companies accounted for […]

October 15 2018

Bullard: Tech Investments Are Powering Up Clean Energy

This article first appeared on Bloomberg View and the Bloomberg Terminal. By Nathaniel Bullard This week, my Bloomberg Opinion colleague Shira Ovide took a close look at U.S. tech company capital expenditures. Three years ago, Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Facebook Inc. spent $40 billion on big-ticket physical assets; last year, they invested $80 billion, […]

September 24 2018

Bullard: Why Power Companies Love Drones

This article first appeared on Bloomberg View and the Bloomberg Terminal. By Nathaniel Bullard There are already 170,000 small, unmanned aerial vehicles licensed in the U.S., and the Federal Aviation Administration predicts another half-million more of them to be airborne by 2022. Drones are everywhere, doing all sorts of things, including delivering hamburgers and beer to golfers. They’re taking group […]

September 13 2018

Liebreich: Planes, Trains and Automobiles – the Electric Remake

By Michael Liebreich Senior Contributor  Bloomberg NEF In my article this March entitled Beyond Three Thirds, The Road to Deep Decarbonization, I referred to the vast opportunities that beckon in clean energy and transportation beyond the core markets of wind, solar, batteries and electric vehicles. Today I want to take a deep dive into commercial […]

August 29 2018

McKerracher: How City Policies Are Reshaping Auto Markets

Colin McKerracher, Head of Advanced Transport, Bloomberg NEF Automakers are facing a new challenge that’s cropping up from Beijing to Brussels: city regulations pushing them towards cleaner vehicles even faster than national policy goals. In the past, it was all much simpler. Automakers had to juggle various national and regional policy frameworks – fleetwide CO2 […]

August 28 2018

Bullard: California’s Energy Diet is Working

This article first appeared on Bloomberg View and the Bloomberg Terminal. By Nathaniel Bullard In 2006, California set itself an ambitious environmental goal: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. The Air Resources Board recently published its assessment of 2016 — and the state has already hit its 2020 target. California is on a low-carbon diet, so […]

August 20 2018

Gombar: India’s War on Dirty Air Boosts Hope on Global Emissions

By Vandana Gombar Policy Editor Bloomberg NEF There is an ancient Indian fable about a bird with two distinct heads that do not always agree with each other. One head ends up plotting against the other after a dispute. Now imagine that two headed bird to be multi-headed, like a hydra: India’s energy policy sometimes […]

August 7 2018

Cheung: Decentralized Energy and Flexibility: Reasons to Believe

By Albert Cheung Head of Analysis Bloomberg NEF A stroll around the European Utility Week exhibition floor is usually a decent indicator of the latest trends in technology and services for the power sector. When I first attended in 2009, the conference was still called Metering Europe, and the floor was dominated by smart meters, […]


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