February 18 2020

Vestas Still Rules Turbine Market, But Challengers Are Closing In

Global commissioning of wind turbines was up 22% in 2019, thanks to a bumper year in China and the U.S., and an acceleration offshore. A further 24% jump, to 75GW, is expected in 2020. London and New York, February 18, 2020 – Developers commissioned almost 61GW of wind turbines globally in 2019, compared with 50GW […]

February 13 2020

Energy Efficiency, Natural Gas and Renewable Energy Drove Decade of U.S. Energy Transformation

Sustainable Energy in America Factbook highlights the 2010s – an era of economic growth, reduced CO2 emissions and sharply falling energy costs for consumers Washington, D.C., February 13, 2020 – The U.S. overhauled how it produces, delivers, and consumes energy over a momentous decade of change, according to a new report from BloombergNEF (BNEF) and […]

February 11 2020

Electrification Can Cut Emissions of Transport, Buildings and Industry in Europe by 60% by 2050

A revolution in the use of energy in the transport, buildings and industrial sectors is possible over the next 30 years, bringing about sharp reductions in CO2 emissions.

February 6 2020

Sub-Saharan African Countries Saw Record Spike in Renewables Investment in 2018

Sub-Saharan countries excluding South Africa likely to install 1.2GW of renewables capacity in 2021.

January 28 2020

Corporate Clean Energy Buying Leapt 44% in 2019, Sets New Record

Corporations purchased 19.5 gigawatts of clean power through long-term contracts, dwarfing the previous year’s record, driven by activity in the U.S. and corporate sustainability commitments.

January 16 2020

Late Surge in Offshore Wind Financings Helps 2019 Renewables Investment to Overtake 2018

A string of billion-dollar deals off coasts of mainland China and Taiwan, and in British, French and Dutch waters, made 2019 an all-time high for offshore wind.

January 8 2020

Sustainable Debt Sees Record Issuance At $465Bn in 2019, Up 78% From 2018

A new record was set in 2019 for the volume of sustainable debt issued globally in any one year, with the total hitting $465 billion globally, up a remarkable 78% from $261.4 billion in 2018.

December 4 2019

Assets Providing Flexibility Are Key To Maximizing The Role Of Renewable Energy In Spain And Chile

New reports show how batteries, dynamic electric vehicle charging and interconnectors will have major influence on emissions between now and 2050.

December 3 2019

Battery Pack Prices Fall As Market Ramps Up With Market Average At $156/kWh In 2019

Battery prices, which were above $1,100 per kilowatt-hour in 2010, have fallen 87% in real terms to $156/kWh in 2019. By 2023, average prices will be close to $100/kWh, according to our latest forecast.

November 25 2019

Clean Energy Investment In Developing Nations Slumps As Financing In China Slows

Coal burn surges to a record high in 104 emerging markets tracked in BloombergNEF’s annual Climatescope study.


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