May 15 2019

Electric Transport Revolution Set To Spread Rapidly Into Light and Medium Commercial Vehicle Market

The latest annual forecast from our EV Outlook shows global sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles declining as electric models rise to dominance in passenger cars, buses and light commercial vehicles.

May 9 2019

Booming LNG Faces Big Swings in Supply-Demand Balance

The global liquefied natural gas market is set to see sharp shifts between excess supply and excess demand during the 2019 to 2023 period. Effect on prices may hinge on weather patterns.

March 26 2019

Battery Power’s Latest Plunge in Costs Threatens Coal, Gas

Lithium-ion batteries and offshore wind both see dramatic gains in competitiveness during the last year compared to longer-established energy options.

March 25 2019

2019 New Energy Pioneers Unveiled at BNEF Summit in New York City

Game-changing companies from around the world recognized for their leadership in transformative technologies.

February 20 2019

How Cheap Money Can Help Save the Planet

New report pinpoints how concessional finance can make wind, solar, and batteries cost-competitive faster in developing countries, accelerating the shift from fossil-fuelled power.

February 14 2019

Vestas Leads Break-Away Group of Big Four Turbine Makers

Global commissioning of onshore wind turbines declined 3% in 2018, partly due to a slowdown in India and Germany. Growth is expected to bounce back in 2019, with a 32% jump to 60GW

February 13 2019

U.S. Power Sector More Efficient Even As Overall Emissions Rose in 2018

Growth of natural gas and renewables, plus greater energy efficiency kept U.S. power emissions in check, but faster economic growth and volatile weather lifted energy demand and overall emissions. 

January 28 2019

Corporate Clean Energy Buying Surged to New Record in 2018

Corporations bought a record amount of clean energy through power purchase agreements, or PPAs, in 2018, shattering the previous record set in 2017.

January 24 2019

Price and Need for Reliable Electricity Power are Spurring Solar Sales to African Businesses

A combination of high electricity tariffs, falling PV prices and a lack of reliability in the grid is spurring sales of on-site solar to business customers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

January 16 2019

Clean Energy Investment Exceeded $300 Billion Once Again in 2018

Solar commitments declined 24% in dollar terms even though there was record new photovoltaic capacity added, breaking 100GW barrier for the first time


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