November 18 2022

From Aspirations To Action: Unpacking the Results of our Global Net-Zero Survey

Here, we present the results of our survey and the key themes shaping how organizations engage with carbon markets on their pathways to net-zero.

November 14 2022

A Breakneck Growth Pivot Nears for Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is entering hockey stick territory: the point where it sees a sudden and sharp turn upward.

November 9 2022

Rainforest Finance: How to Make $500 Billion Flow

There is one essential reason why the world’s rainforests continue to shrink: We aren’t paying for them.

November 7 2022

Localizing Clean Energy Value Chains Will Come at a Cost

Clean technology factories are shockingly concentrated. Over the past two decades, China has emerged as the world’s battery and solar equipment hegemon.

November 1 2022

Mobilizing Capital Into Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

The BNEF report ‘Mobilizing Capital Into Emerging Markets and Developing Economies’, commissioned by GFANZ, offers a snapshot of current conditions for energy transition investment in EM&DEs.

October 28 2022

Electric Vehicle Demand in China Moves the Global Needle

Few markets are electrifying quite like China, where EVs have gone from less than 1% of light commercial vehicle sales to 10% in just the last two years.

October 26 2022

The US Trifecta of Oil, Gas, and Clean Energy Growth in Five Charts

The approaching US midterm elections could decide whether measures to address climate change are accelerated, stalled or even rolled back.

October 19 2022

Longterm Optimism for Big Hydrogen Investments

Recent policy support is raising optimism and investment prospects among Europe’s hydrogen (H2) developers, but generous US tax credits could hurt in the short run.

October 19 2022

The Key to Success for the COP27 Climate Summit Showdown in Three Charts

As COP27 looks to build on the momentum of its predecessor, here are three charts from BloombergNEF on what to watch out for.

October 14 2022

Ukraine Invasion Revives American Manufacturing, Supply Chain

The impact of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine has disrupted supply chains significantly.


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