November 23 2020

How PV-Plus-Storage Will Compete With Gas Generation in the U.S.

This report by BloombergNEF shows how the combination of solar power plants and battery storage can be a clean, economic alternative to an increasingly large share of U.S. gas generation.

November 19 2020

Decarbonization of Eastern Europe’s Energy Mix Key to Higher EU Climate Goals

New EU level targets for 2030 will require fast decarbonization in the power sector, and a major acceleration of the energy transition in some European member states that still rely heavily on coal generation.

October 26 2020

Artificial Intelligence Will Become an Essential Part of Industrial Policy

Governments around the world are rushing to set artificial intelligence (AI) policies in 2020 as nations recognize the technologies' potential, and possible drawbacks.

October 23 2020

Household Solar Demand Surges Through the Roof in 2020

Lockdown restrictions have given customers more reason to pay attention to their energy bills, and more time to pursue home improvements like solar.

September 29 2020

China’s Long Road to Carbon Neutrality Will Reshape World Economy

As the world’s largest carbon emitter and energy consumer, China’s yet-unknown pathway to carbon neutrality is certain to disrupt the globe’s energy economy from Dhahran to Queensland to Sand Hill Road and everywhere in between.

September 28 2020

Aveva-OSISoft Merger Creates an Industrial Software Giant

Aveva's acquisition of OSISoft will create a leader in asset data collection, storage and analysis.

September 28 2020

The Outlook for the World’s Largest Biofuels Market

The U.S. is the world’s largest biofuels market. Yet the growth potential of conventional biofuels is limited, and there is a growing need for biofuel producers and policymakers to adapt to changing demand dynamics.

September 22 2020

Schlumberger Extends Digital Leadership With Red Hat Deal

Schlumberger's partnership with IBM's Red Hat is an important step in moving the oil sector to the cloud. In the past year, Schlumberger has put digital products front and center of its strategy.

September 21 2020

Economics Alone Could Drive Greece to a Future Powered by Renewables

Greece can transform its power system away from heavy reliance on fossil fuels to potentially become one of the leaders of the energy transition in Europe by 2030, according to BNEF's Greece Market Outlook.

September 14 2020

The Fundamental Drivers Behind Henry Hub’s Natural Gas Rally

Henry Hub closed August at $2.58/MMBtu - this represents a 40% upswing in the front month contract in 30 days.


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