April 21 2021

Four Ways to Compare Countries’ Climate Commitments

World leaders will gather virtually April 22-23 at a summit to discuss boosting their climate pledges. As host, the U.S. is expected to set an example by announcing its 2030 emission target and other governments are expected to follow suit.

April 15 2021

EV Charging Data Shows Widely Divergent Global Path

China, anticipating rising EV demand, is making huge investments in infrastructure.

April 15 2021

Solar Power to Retain Lead in South Korea’s Green Plans

Solar projects are driving renewable energy investments in South Korea.

March 31 2021

Energy Storage to Steal $277B From Power Grids by 2050

Battery storage projects are becoming more competitive in relation to new power lines due to falling battery costs.

March 23 2021

Texas Legislature Lets Billion-Dollar Resettlement Die

The Texas legislature refuses to proceed with a bill that would reprice billions of dollars in energy and ancillary services charges incurred during last month’s power crisis.

March 18 2021

Battery Swapping Could Turbocharge Electric Vehicle Fleets

Battery swapping can significantly reduce refueling time for electric vehicles (EVs). There are now over 550 battery swapping stations in China.

March 15 2021

Climate-Tech VC Investing Tops $17bn in 2020

`Climate tech’ is a label for the emergence of technologies addressing the climate crisis, usually targeting both mitigation and adaptation.

March 8 2021

Siemens Gamesa Retains Top Spot in India as Wind Turbine Market Set to Rebound

India added 1.1 gigawatts of onshore wind projects in 2020 – the slowest pace of new build in a decade.

March 2 2021

BloombergNEF 2021 Executive Factbook

BloombergNEF’s Executive Factbook is our look at the most important developments in decarbonization, digital transformation, and the energy transition.

February 23 2021

GE Remains Top in Record Year for U.S. Wind Additions

The U.S. added more wind capacity than ever before in 2020. Some 16.5 gigawatts of capacity was installed – far exceeding the previous record set in 2012.


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