May 19 2020

Electric Vehicles Short-Term Outlook: Covid-19

Covid-19 has put the world on lockdown and markets on hold. The transport sector has been affected in multiple ways.

May 13 2020

U.S. Power Grid Operators Forgo Gas-to-Oil Fuel Switch

U.S. power plants rarely burn oil. Coal and natural gas dominate the electric grid, with oil-fired units reserved purely for backup purposes. Until recently, conventional wisdom suggested the U.S. power sector would never consume meaningful quantities of oil. Coal and natural gas were simply cheaper.

May 13 2020

Gridlock in Beijing as Commuters Shun Public Transport

Peak-hour morning traffic in Beijing has surged as commuters shun public transport in favor of their cars amid continued concerns over the spread of coronavirus.

May 13 2020

Oil Price Shock Hits Green Investments by Oil Majors

Low-carbon investments by oil majors have slowed amid the oil price shock, with clean energy deals closed in 1Q 2020 down 82% year-on-year.

May 11 2020

German and EU Policy Zero In on Transport Emissions

Of Germany’s five major polluting sectors, transport is the only whose emissions increased over 1990-2017. But the sector’s footprint is set to plummet as Europe’s largest vehicle market electrifies.

May 8 2020

Unlike Fine Wines, Carbon Offsets Get Worse With Age

Companies hunting for carbon offsets at bargain prices should look at their age.

May 8 2020

Battery Making in Indonesia Can Cost Less than in China

Indonesia’s desire to move up the value chain and leverage its nickel wealth into becoming an EV and battery manufacturing hub is supported by the fact that it may have the lowest manufacturing costs in Asia.

May 6 2020

Oil Markets Start to Recover, May Tilt Into Deficit in 2H

Sentiment in the oil market has started to improve. Several European countries and U.S. states plan to restart their economies in phases, many as early as this month.

May 6 2020

Oil Digitalization Could Support Startups Despite Covid-19

Oil sector digitalization is set to continue even as oil prices fall, according to BloombergNEF. Technology to manage remote operations is particularly popular right now.

April 20 2020

Oil Sector to Spend $16B by 2030 on Cloud, Analytics

Our research shows that the oil and gas sector spent $12.5 billion on enterprise software in 2018 with companies such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle.


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