October 19 2021

White House Could Reach Clean Jet Fuel Goals Before 2030

The Biden Administration aims to increase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supply to 3 billion gallons by 2030, about 11% of expected U.S. jet fuel demand.

October 14 2021

European Utilities Lead the Way in Digital Innovation

As power utilities face pressure from regulators and investors to decarbonize, digitalization has become a central element of their strategies.

October 11 2021

Demethanization: The Opportunity for U.S. Oil and Gas

The U.S. has a unique opportunity to become the world’s premier source of zero-methane natural gas.

October 6 2021

China Steel Consolidation to Benefit Hydrogen and CCUS

Chinese state owned steel producer, Ansteel Group announced a takeover agreement for its smaller peer Bengang Group on August 19. The new merged entity will be the world's third largest steel producer after Baowu Group and ArcelorMittal.

October 5 2021

Abatement Potential of Household Energy Technologies

Passenger electric vehicles, rooftop solar, home batteries, and domestic heat pumps could go a long way in addressing three of the largest sources of household emissions: electricity, transport, and heat.

September 30 2021

The Role of Carbon Capture and Storage in Getting to Net-Zero by Mid-century: New Energy Outlook 2021

There are many routes to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, but none will be easy, and no single pathway is set in stone. Despite the uncertainty, all routes have one thing in common: existing technology needs to be deployed rapidly this decade.

September 28 2021

Demethanization: The New Viral Energy Transition Sensation

Decarbonization has become the catch-all term for climate action. But while carbon dioxide is the biggest contributor to global warming, the case for tough action against methane emissions, known as ‘demethanization’, is literally becoming clearer by the day.

September 27 2021

LNG Project Delays May Cut Shell’s Mid-Term, Spot Supply

Delays at two major liquefied natural gas projects could squeeze Royal Dutch Shell's portfolio of supply between 2025-26.

September 20 2021

EU Refiners’ Carbon Costs Could Almost Triple in 2021

Despite some respite after a horrid year for European refinery margins, increasing carbon costs will soon hit refiners hard.

September 16 2021

Will digital technologies become the next competitive edge of oil majors?

The oil and gas sector faces energy transition pressures from regulators and investors and has made digitalization a core component of company strategy.


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