May 26 2023

New EPA Rules Mean Evolution or Extinction for Fossil-Fuel Power

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s long-awaited proposal to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel power plants is here – and it’s capable of spurring huge carbon capture additions for fossil-fuel plants that stay online.

May 23 2023

Carbon Offsets Should Start Thinking More Like a Commodity

The use of carbon offsets is set to explode over the coming decades as companies and governments look to achieve their climate goals.

May 18 2023

India’s G-20 Presidency Is an Opportunity to Lead Global Climate Action

India may hold the keys to success for balancing economic growth and climate concerns – something it could demonstrate to the rest of the world as it enjoys the spotlight of the G-20 presidency.

May 15 2023

The Beer and Pasta That Showcase One Way to Clean Up Farming

Perennial grains could be sustainable agriculture’s silver bullet, potentially doubling farmer profits and increasing nutrient uptake by half.

May 10 2023

Next-Generation Geothermal Technologies Are Heating Up

Geothermal power is a firm, abundant energy source that has struggled for decades to break out of its niche status.

May 8 2023

Oil Heyday That Iraq Sought for Decades May Never Arrive

The first two decades of this century were turbulent for Iraq as it was plunged into the war that ended Saddam Hussein’s rule and years of extremist militant violence.

May 1 2023

Storm-Battered US Power Grids Need Intervention Now

Americans are finding themselves in the dark more often these days, as increasingly severe weather events knock out power grids across the country.

April 27 2023

US EV Credit Rules Favor Home Teams, Snub Overseas Players

Over the past seven months, consumers and automakers in the US have labored to understand the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on consumer tax credits for electric vehicles. With the update released by the Treasury Department on April 17, buyers finally have clarity on which cars qualify for up to $7,500 in benefits. In […]

April 19 2023

Global Drop-in Fuels Market to See a Flood of New Entrants

Renewable ‘drop-in’ fuels – the substitutes of fossil fuels that face no blending limits – are set to see a tripling of supply by 2030.

April 13 2023

The Risks That Can Upend a Summer Recovery for US Aviation

Cheaper oil and progress combating operational bottlenecks will likely boost the fast-approaching US summer travel season, herding more travelers through airports and lifting demand for jet fuel.


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