August 20 2019

Aramco Makes $250 Million/Day; Expect More Asset Buys

Saudi Aramco's 1H 2019 results reveal that the company is more profitable than the top five global oil majors (Exxon, Chevron, Shell, BP and Total) combined. Earnings for the first six months of the year were $46.9 billion. That means that the Saudi giant is making over a quarter of a billion dollars a day.

August 13 2019

Australia Shows How Regulated Utilities Can Own Storage

Unique business models being explored in Australia allow regulated networks to own energy storage assets, something that is forbidden by most regulators in Europe and some in the U.S.

August 6 2019

Sustainable Finance Market Outlook 2H 2019

There was a 120% increase in social bond finance issued in 1H 2019 vs 1H 2018, according to our latest Outlook.

August 5 2019

IoT Not Yet a No-Brainer For Manufacturers and Transport

While some in energy, manufacturing, healthcare and transport are adopting IoT and analytics, other companies are struggling to realize IoT's value in short-term tests.

July 23 2019

China Surrenders Sustainable Debt Leadership in Asia

Mainland China’s share of Asian sustainable finance is declining as other countries scale market activity in the region.

July 23 2019

BloombergNEF’s Country Ranking Reveals Models of Industrial Digitalization

BloombergNEF’s 2019 ranking reveals the industrial digitalization status of 40 countries and ranks them using metrics in investment, governance, workforce and technology.

July 16 2019

AI Needs Policy Support and Industry Standards

Countries around the world are eager to position their domestic industries to benefit from digital technologies. To usher in this transformation, many countries have formed national policies, investment schemes and strategic partnerships.

July 16 2019

Only 40% Price Crash Next Month Can Shut U.S. LNG

If three-month forward profit margin for U.S. LNG exports goes significantly negative, export cargoes should get canceled.

July 9 2019

Industry 4.0 Leaves Emerging Markets Lagging

Emerging market countries generally have high levels of industrial activity and show strong interest in Industry 4.0. However, EM countries in aggregate scored low in our national digitalization ranking.

July 2 2019

Mexico Leads in Electric Car Sales in Latin America

We expect the market in Latin America will continue to grow steadily as EV prices come down, automakers introduce new models and governments ramp up e-bus procurement.


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