January 10 2023

Energy Transition in 2023: Into a New Era

2022 marked the end of an era in the low-carbon energy transition, in more ways than one.

December 29 2022

A Year of Breakthroughs and Setbacks for the Race to Net Zero, in Five Charts

It’s been a mixed year for the race to reach net-zero emissions.

December 27 2022

2H 2022 Levelized Cost of Electricity Update

The Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) analysis is our assessment of the cost competitiveness of different power-generating and energy storage technologies across the world.

December 21 2022

China’s BYD Winning 2022 Electric Vehicle Sales Race

The electric vehicle superstar of the year is China’s BYD, with sales well past a million units and still going strong. 

December 20 2022

Russian Oil Sanctions Could Spell Trouble for the EU

Global oil markets are standing on the brink of a profound restructuring.

December 14 2022

Scaling-Up Renewable Energy in Africa

The focus of this month's edition is the energy sector and Pathfinders Pillar 1: accelerating deployment of mature climate solutions. 

December 9 2022

Increase in Battery Prices Could Affect EV Progress

There are several factors driving the uptick, but the single most important one is rising costs for materials including cobalt, nickel and lithium.

December 7 2022

The $7 Trillion a Year Needed to Hit Net-Zero Goal

The transition to a net-zero emissions world opens up an investment opportunity that totals almost $200 trillion by 2050 -- or nearly $7 trillion a year.

November 18 2022

From Aspirations To Action: Unpacking the Results of our Global Net-Zero Survey

Here, we present the results of our survey and the key themes shaping how organizations engage with carbon markets on their pathways to net-zero.

November 14 2022

A Breakneck Growth Pivot Nears for Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is entering hockey stick territory: the point where it sees a sudden and sharp turn upward.


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