April 15 2019

LNG Tankers Make Money as Offshore Storage, But Not Enough

LNG tankers can make a profit just sitting offshore at present because the spread between the price of gas for delivery next winter and month-ahead prices is so wide they can make a money from storage alone.

April 9 2019

How Lyft Stacks Up Against Its Peers in Four Graphics

Lyft Inc. became the first digital-hailing company in the world to list publicly, at the end of March. So how does it compare to its peers?

April 8 2019

Can Artificial Intelligence Be Ethical Too, EU Asks

Artificial intelligence, and in particular what is termed machine learning, has been getting a lot more attention from two fronts: companies are paying much more heed as AI becomes mainstream, and European institutions.

March 18 2019

Gas Power Plants Break U.S. Operational Efficiency Records

Advances in gas turbine technologies are allowing a new crop of hefty and efficient gas-fired power plants to outperform their peers.

March 18 2019

Panama Canal Vital for U.S. LNG Reaching Key Asian Markets

LNG cargoes from U.S. headed for China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia require transit through the newly expanded Panama Canal Neopanamax locks to cut their journey by a month.

March 11 2019

Japan’s Love Affair with Coal is Over but Marriage is Not

Despite the pushback against new build, Japan remains committed to coal, which is set to generate a third of the country's power in 2030.

March 6 2019

IMO 2020: Global Shipping, Oil Refiners Brace for Sea Change

The international marine fleet underpins the system of world trade and consumes around one in every 20 barrels of oil. Shipping industry emissions are significant, with the world’s merchant fleet emitting more CO2 each year than Germany. From the start of 2020, International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules come into force that limit the sulfur content […]

March 5 2019

A Behind the Scenes Take on Lithium-ion Battery Prices

Automakers and policy makers are increasingly voicing their belief that the passenger vehicle of the future will be powered (partially or fully) by electricity. There remains, however, a lack of consensus on the timing and speed of the transition, in large part due to differing opinions on current and future lithium-ion batteries.

February 11 2019

War on Plastics May Stunt Oil Demand Growth Projections

Projections of growth in oil demand led by petrochemicals are by no means a sure thing, Richard Chatterton, Head of Oil Demand, BNEF.

February 5 2019

Social Bond Market Tops $11 Billion as Financials Wake Up

The market for social bonds climbed 41 percent to $11.1 billion last year, according to BloombergNEF research.


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