March 10 2021

2020 Was A Brutal Year for Auto and Mobility Markets, But It Could Have Been Worse

Passenger vehicle sales fell roughly 6% and 15% year-over-year in China and the U.S. in 2020, respectively, but the U.S. drop was not as steep as the one seen after the 2008 financial crisis.

January 21 2021

BNEF Pioneers Competition 2021: Seeking the Best Climate-Tech Innovations

We are pleased to announce that BloombergNEF’s annual technology and innovation competition – BNEF Pioneers 2021 – is now accepting applications!

January 23 2018

The Future of Mobility Has Arrived

As Bloomberg New Energy Finance gears up for its first Future of Mobility Summit in Palo Alto, Head of Research Albert Cheung and Strategic Lead for Transport Colin McKerracher reflect on how we got here. For those of us tracking the changes sweeping through the automotive industry, 2017 was the year when the ripples became […]

November 2 2017

The Future of Mobility Summit 2018

October 31 2017

Wu: Six Questions on Asia’s Energy Transition

By Justin Wu Head of Asia-Pacific  Bloomberg New Energy Finance Two years ago, when Bloomberg New Energy Finance held its first APAC Future of Energy Summit in Shanghai, the theme was the three “T”s – trade, technology and transition. On November 28-29, when we hold our latest Summit in the world’s most populous city, those […]

October 24 2017

New Energy Pioneers: ROMO Wind

  Wind knowledge is wind power   Founded: 2011 CEO: Jan Nikolaisen HQ: Switzerland   What does ROMO Wind do? ROMO Wind aims to improve the annual energy production and lifetime monitoring of wind turbines by frequently and accurately measuring wind speed and other wind metrics. Ultimately ensuing turbines preform at optimal levels and potentially, improving their […]

October 17 2017

New Energy Pioneers: EVBox

Drive electric, charge everywhere   Founded: 2010 CEO: Kristof Vereenooghe HQ: Netherlands   What does EVBox do? EVBox is a global market leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and related cloud-based services, with an installed base of over 50,000 charging points worldwide that serve individuals, businesses, facilities and major public charging networks. The installed base of […]

October 10 2017

New Energy Pioneers: Sunna Design

Smart Solar Streetlights Founded: 2011 CEO: Thomas Samuel HQ: France   What does Sunna Design do? Sunna is the only company in the crowded and commoditised solar street lighting market that has successfully combined public street lighting with pay-as-you-go energy services for rural households consumers in the vicinity of the streetlight. It has proved after 5 years and […]

October 3 2017

New Energy Pioneers: SunFunder

Financing solar beyond the gird   Founded: 2012 CEO: Ryan Levinson HQ: U.S.   What does SunFunder do? SunFunder provides debt finance for solar companies and projects in emerging markets. As an intermediary offering investors a route into this emerging market, SunFunder aims to bridge the gap between capital markets and off-grid solar markets. How are they […]

September 26 2017

New Energy Pioneers: Thermondo

  Heating change fast & easy Founded: 2012 CEO: Philipp Pausder HQ: Germany   What does Thermondo do? Thermondo upgrades home heating systems. They have not only digitized the processes of heating retrofitting, allowing customers to get their new heating systems delivered faster and at a lower price, but also decreased household emissions. How are they disrupting their […]


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