September 20 2017

New Energy Pioneers: SunCulture

Helping farmers grow more while spending less.    Founded: 2012 CEO: Samir Ibrahim HQ: Kenya   What does SunCulture do? SunCulture designs, manufactures and finances solar-powered irrigation systems for smallholder farmers in Kenya and East Africa. The system replaces fuel pumps with a more efficient, environment friendly solar powered solution. Aside from the main product, SunCulture […]

September 19 2017

Michael Liebreich State of the Industry Keynote at BNEF EMEA Summit 2017

Michael Liebreich, BNEF Chairman of the Advisory Board, gives his much-anticipated ‘state of the clean energy industry’ keynote at BNEF’s Future of Energy EMEA Summit in London, September 2017. View the presentation slides or the related opinion piece.

September 11 2017

New Energy Pioneers: Fluidic Energy

Founded: 2008 CEO: Chuck Ensign HQ: U.S.   What does Fluidic do? Fluidic Energy has successfully developed an alternative to lithium-ion for energy storage – a rechargeable, low-cost Zinc-Air battery with an embedded battery management software. Fluidic’s battery cells are a more robust and reliable alternative to the lead acid batteries and diesel generators that telecommunications and rural […]

September 8 2017

Gas Markets Go Global: The Rise of LNG

What are the main drivers behind the global rise of LNG and who are the biggest players in the future? Watch our Summit Short video below to find out more.   This video is part of our Future of Energy Summit Shorts series. Join the conversation at #BNEFSummit

August 29 2017

New Energy Pioneers: Envirofit

Smarter cooking technology for better living  Founded: 2012 CEO: Ron Bills HQ: U.S.   What does Envirofit do? Envirofit is a social enterprise that innovates smart energy products and services to improve lives on a global scale. Envirofit has developed a line of smart clean cooking technologies that cook faster while reducing fuel use, smoke, and toxic emissions. […]

August 22 2017

Invitation – Future of Energy APAC Summit

Dear Colleague, It is my pleasure to invite you to the Future of Energy APAC Summit which will take place in Shanghai 28-29 November 2017. We will be hosting senior industry leaders, investors and policy makers at this invitation-only event, where we will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the APAC energy industry over the […]

August 21 2017

New Energy Pioneers: We Care Solar

The Power to Save Lives   Founded: 2010 CEO: Laura E. Stachel, MD MPH HQ: U.S.   What does We Care Solar do? We Care Solar is a non-profit that designs and sells a rugged solar suitcase aimed at the health sector in developing countries, in particular maternal and child care. We Care Solar’s Solar Suitcase® provides lighting […]

August 9 2017

New Energy Pioneers: Skeleton Technologies

Europe’s leading manufacturer of ultracapacitors.   Founded: 2009 CEO: Taavi Madiberk HQ: Estonia   What does Skeleton Technologies do? Skeleton Technologies develops and manufactures ultracapacitor-based modules and systems for automotive, transportation, and grid storage applications. Skeleton also performs fundamental materials research, which is then incorporated into its ultracapacitator designs. How are they disrupting their industry? Skeleton Technologies’ […]

April 26 2017

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry Keynote at BNEF Global Summit 2017

At The Future of Energy Global Summit in New York City, April 25, 2017, Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy, U.S. Department of Energy, discussed the American energy strategy for 2017 and beyond. Watch the video below.

April 26 2017

Honourable James Carr Keynote at BNEF Global Summit 2017

At The Future of Energy Global Summit in New York City, April 24, 2017, Honourable James Carr, Minister of Natural Resources, Government of Canada, discussed the current and future Canadian energy policy landscape. Watch the video below.


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