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BloombergNEF is a leading provider of primary research on clean energy, advanced transport, digital industry, innovative materials, and commodities.



With a team of experts spread across six continents, BloombergNEF (BNEF) leverages the world’s most sophisticated data sets to create clear perspectives and in-depth forecasts that frame the financial, economic and policy implications of industry-transforming trends and technologies.


Our clients include corporate strategy and business development professionals, finance professionals (traders, analysts, portfolio managers), as well as policy makers and regulators. We work with the largest corporations across utilities and generation, oil & gas, equipment manufacturers, banking and finance, and government.


Our team of experts provides independent analysis and insight by looking at specific sectors and markets in depth, as well as cross-sector and cross-geography trends and implications.

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Opportunities generated

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BNEF Summit series

The BNEF Summit has been convening leaders in energy, industry, transport, technology, finance and government since 2008, generating ideas, delivering insight, and making the connections that help them formulate successful strategies, capitalize on technological change and shape a cleaner, more competitive future.



Contact our media team if you need a conference moderator or panelist, a source for a story, or background on a complex energy issue at bnef-media[at]


BNEF has been contributing to the conversation on the future of energy for more than ten years. Leading journalists from around the world rely on analysis, data and research from BNEF. See all press releases.

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