Energy Transition Investment Trends

BNEF tracks investment in the energy transition, covering everything from renewables to electrified transport and heat, hydrogen and carbon capture. Explore the latest trends in our 2021 edition.

What is this report?

BNEF’s energy transition investment data track the flow of capital into projects and technologies driving the low-carbon transition. While renewable energy has historically been the main focus, we are broadening our coverage as spending on vehicle and heating electrification, as well as hydrogen and carbon capture, continue to rise.

Our data are compiled through bottom-up research on hundreds of thousands of individual deals and projects around the world, as well as aggregated estimates for deployment of small-scale, consumer-led technologies. The work is led by Bloomberg’s global team of analysts and leverages our latest data gathering and processing technologies.

Press Release
The world invested more than $500 billion in 2020 in energy transition sectors such as renewable energy, electric vehicles and charging, and electric heat, according to authoritative figures from BNEF.


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Ten predictions for the year ahead

Alongside the investment trends report, we publish our top ten predictions for the energy transition in 2021, compiled from across BNEF’s analyst teams. Find out what our experts are predicting.


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A high-level summary of the 2021 Energy Transition Investment Trends report is available online at the link below. BNEF clients can access the full report on the BNEF website or Bloomberg Terminal.


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